My name is Leigh Litterick and I am a Sound Therapist and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner based in South Queensferry, Edinburgh.  

I love what I do.  It's a wonderful thing to hold space for people to nurture themselves.  You come to me ready for change, and I get to accompany you along on your journey as you release, and heal.  It's actually amazing.  I get to create a warm, safe, harbour for gentle, soulful healing and I get to teach you practical techniques that will really help to make a tangible difference to how you can manage your emotional health.

We all need different things at different points in our lives that’s for sure, but these are the things I have learned over the years that I know to be true.

We all need to replenish ourselves regularly in a meaningful way.  It’s impossible to give of ourselves constantly over prolonged periods of time without feeling the emotional, and physical, impact of our energy running low.  So, I say do what you love.  Whatever makes your heart sing, make time for it.  And when you can’t do that, come to a Sound Bath and immerse yourself in the most beautiful theraputic sound.  Allow the vibrations to soothe and calm you, washing away your stress as you nourish your soul, and reconnect to your deepest self.  It's in that space that we remember what's really important to us, where we figure out how to move forward into the live the life we want, rather than the one we've fallen into.

Sometimes you need something a bit more specific that goes straight to the core of what’s consuming you.  You might be aware of what the issue is and why it’s there, and sometimes you’re not.  You will however always know that it doesn’t make you feel good, and that you’re ready to release it, but you’ve just not found a way to do it yet.

That’s when Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) comes into its own.  So much of our behaviour and our emotions are driven by our subconscious processes, so it can be really effective to use a technique which works directly with your nervous system and the fight, or flight, part of your brain to soothe and calm you.

A calm nervous system can make all the difference between feeling full of explosive or consuming emotion, and feeling neutral.  And believe me, when you’ve not felt neutral for quite some time neutral really feels blissful. 

EFT combines discussion with pressure point activation through finger tapping on the skin around the head and shoulders. It can be incredibly effective in many situations, and you usually know fairly early on whether it’s a technique that will work for you. 

And what’s great about it is that it can be learned easily, by anyone, to use on yourself for any time that you might need it.  And who doesn't want that?